Bitcoin Trading Fund is a legitimate Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund

About us is a Mutual fund dealing with Cryptocurrencies. It is a part of Om99 Technologies OÜ which is a company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The company has been founded by Rajnish Malhotra who has extensive experience in Information Technology and Banking sector.

Company Name: Om99 Technologies OÜ
Registry code: 14417596
Om99 Technologies OÜ
Parda Tn 4-411, Tallinn 10151
Phone: +372 5353 4630

About Bitcoin Trading Fund Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Mutual Fund which has been founded by professional bankers and experts in Digital Currency markets and Cryptocurrency Mining.

We believe that Bitcoin is a new asset class in its own right like Real estate, gold and stocks and represents a revolution in financial technology. It is already being traded actively by investors in Digital currency markets globally. We have incorporated the fund primarily to help investors to invest safely and securely in the new Asset Class.

There are also a lot of investors who either lack large sums for investment, or who neither have the inclination nor the time to research the Digital Asset market, yet want to grow their wealth. The fund invests in Cryptocurrency trading and mining and is managed by professional fund Managers using proven investment and mining strategies, most advanced tools and genuine practices which provide our investors with the highest returns.

We believe that the evolution of money from Barter > Cash > Credit Cards > Digital Currency has begun. The investors can invest any amount in Bitcoin Trading fund as we want everyone to participate and benefit from the financial revolution. The investors can also redeem or withdraw investments any time after 1 year.

Bitcoin Trading Fund is also offering individuals, companies and Institutions to become BTF Distributors and earn upfront and Trail commission on the referred investments.

Bitcoin Trading Fund pays 5% Upfront commission to its distributors in case the investments from the investor are routed through the Distributor and pays 2.5% Trail Commission to its distributors for as long as the Investor's money is held in the fund.

Rajnish Malhotra

Rajnish Malhotra is the CEO of Om99 Technologies OÜ

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and possesses over 22 years of experience in Strategic Planning & Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management and Team Management. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing business operations which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and Industries.

Major experience in heading Sales in Information Technology, Banking, Telecom and Real Estate Sector.

Rajnish has worked with leading companies in the Banking, Information Technology and Telecom sectors in India i.e. Bharti Infotel Limited, ICICI Bank and HSBC. His Last corporate position was Senior Vice President and Regional Business Leader for YES Bank before founding Rajnish Estates in 2010 which was rechristened as Om99 Estates Private Limited.

Rajnish has founded Om99 Technologies OÜ which manages Bitcoin Trading Fund which is a cryptocurrency Mutual Fund and provides an opportunity for investors to invest their bitcoins safely and participate in the cryptocurrency revolution...