Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Mutual Fund Dealing in Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining

What is Bitcoin Trading Fund?

Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Mutual Fund dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple etc. are collectively termed as Cryptocurrencies or Digital Currencies or Virtual Currencies. It is an emerging asset class for investors like Real Estate, Gold or Stocks where early investors stand to achieve the highest returns.

Bitcoin Trading Fund is a mutual fund which collects Bitcoins from a number of investors.

The fund invests the collective investment in trading Cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin, Etherum and Ripple etc. in Digital currency markets globally managed by a Professional Fund Manager.

The fund also invests in Cryptocurrency Mining which involves validation of cryptocurrency transactions. The Income / gains generated from this collective investment are distributed proportionately amongst the investors in Bitcoins after deducting applicable expenses.

The investors are issued mutual fund units or shares against their investment at the fund's current NAV (Net Asset Value). The NAV is the cost of one unit or share of the fund. The collective investment is invested by Professional Fund Manager in buying and selling cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrency Mining generating returns. These returns are added to the NAV. The investors can sell the fund units back to the fund anytime at the current NAV. The returns are given back to the investors in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Trading Fund Investment or "BTF" is ideal for investors who either lack large sums for investment, or for those who neither have the inclination nor the time to research the Cryptocurrency markets, yet want to grow their wealth. BTF offers an excellent avenue for investors to participate and benefit both from the uptrends in Digital Assets market and mining cryptocurrencies.M

The investors can invest any amount in BTF. The investors can redeem or withdraw their investments any time after 1 year in Bitcoins.

We manage your Bitcoin investments for you as we have the experience in dealing with both Digital Assets in the Digital currency markets globally and Cryptocurrency Mining. The popularity and price of Digital Assets is increasing daily. There is no better time than the present to start investing.

About Bitcoin Trading Fund About Bitcoin Trading Fund

  • Bitcoins & Altcoins represent Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund
  • BTF invests Bitcoins in Digital Currency Markets
  • BTF invests in Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Returns are also distributed in Bitcoins
  • No Minimum Investment
  • Redeem / Withdraw your Investments after 1 year
  • Right time to invest