Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund dealing in Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining

How it Works? About Bitcoin Trading Fund

Buy your Bitcoin

  • The investors can purchase Bitcoins from their local Bitcoin Exchange in their local currency
  • They can transfer the Bitcoins to their Digital Bitcoin Wallet which they can install on their computer or mobile phone to store, send and receive Bitcoins

Invest your Bitcoin with Bitcoin Trading Fund

How are the income / gains distributed among the investors?

The investors are issued fund units or shares against their investment by the fund. The income / gains distribution among the investors is done by calculating the fund “Net Asset Value” or NAV.

Fund Investor Investment Amount
NAV as on 01.01.2017
Units Allotted NAV as on 01.03.2017
Value as on 01.03.2017
BTF A 100 1 100 3 300 200%
B 200 1 200 3 600 200%